headed bird kingdom is Strata-bird.She lives on the ocean, the sea and holds the right wing of the whole world.When vstrepenetsya Strata-bird (as it happens in the second hour after midnight), all the roosters sing on earth.It is therefore considered that the strata - the mother of all birds.In addition, the Strata-bird - bright bird god winds Stribog, and therefore commands all the winds.This amazing bird is depicted with a small head on a thin neck, hooked beak, a long, narrow body and a raised wing.
In Slavic mythology, there are just three bird-maiden.It Alkonost, Sirin and
Humayun.Alkonost - it's a wonderful bird with the face of a beautiful maiden.Its image goes back to the ancient Greek myth of Alcyone, throw in the waters of the sea after her husband drowned and turned into gods kingfisher.According to legend, Alkonost lays eggs on the edge of the sea, and then plunges them into the depths of the sea to calm the sea for 7 days.Then the bird picks up the eggs and hatch on the beach.Singing different Alkonost such wondrous beauty that heard him, people may forget about everything.It is believed that in the morning on the Feast in an apple orchard birds of Cyrene, who was crying and sad.In the afternoon it is replaced by a bird Alkonost who laughs and rejoices.
predecessors Russian bird Sirin was the ancient Greek Sirens enchant his magic singing sailors and ships carrying death.In Slavic mythology, the Syrian is described as a bird of paradise that sometimes appears on the ground and singing prophetic songs, prophesying about the coming heavenly bliss.However, listening to the singing of the Syrian unsafe: Having listened to, can lose his mind.Therefore, in some legends of Syria is considered a dark bird, messenger of the underworld.
Gamayun - ominous bird, messenger of the gods.She sings the divine hymns and predicts the future to those who can hear the secret prophecy.The flight of this bird brings deadly storm.Bird Gamayun know everything about the origin of heaven and earth, gods and men, animals and birds.
Ancient legends and traditions of many countries talk about the mythical Grif-bird.The head and wings of an eagle there, and the body and legs - lion.Feathers have Grif-bird sharp like arrows, like a beak and claws are made of iron.The magnitude of this bird - a huge mountain.Deadly Bird Osprey considered.Her claws contain a poison which produces ruthless predator its prey.
fabulous and mythical firebird - the incarnation of the heavenly fire, the sun, thunder and lightning.It feeds golden apples, daruyuschimi youth, beauty and immortality.When Firebird sings of her beak scattered pearls.This magical singing heal the sick and give sight to the blind.Every autumn Firebird dies and rises again in the spring.
distant relative Firebird can be considered famous phoenix, whose image is found in the mythology of many countries.In appearance resembles a phoenix eagle, but differs with bright red or golden-red plumage.Phoenix has the ability to burn and rise from the ashes, and therefore symbolizes the eternal renewal.