Alexander Nerozin "Secret Diary of a Russian oligarch»

book was written for two years before his death, the notorious Boris Berezovsky.The main character actually represents the disgraced oligarch.The book describes his flight to England, cooperation with foreign intelligence services and the mysterious death.After the death of the oligarch book, which essentially turned out to be prophetic, just become a bomb sales.

Alexander Khinshtein "Berezovsky and Abramovich.Oligarchs with a big road »

book describes the author's investigation of the largest thefts committed after the fall of the Soviet Union.Hinshteyt talks about the sources that allowed the richest people of our time overnight to seize a significant part of the country's natural resources.It gave details of how at a total destabilization of the
country's small group of people could seize the public domain and in no time turned into billionaires.

David Hoffman "oligarchs.The wealth and power of the new Russia »

Book authoritative financier who for 6 served as editor of" Washington Post "in Russia.He witnessed the great events that changed the course of development of the country.The book is based on a set of interviews of people who have seen Khodorkovsky, Luzhkov, Abramovich and others brought Russia on the road of capitalism, available only oligarchs.All this information has guided a lot of noise in public and political circles in Europe and the United States.

Michel Tereshchenko "first oligarch»

One of the few books about the rich man who does not bear any scandalous overtones.The publication, written by a descendant of Russia's richest families.The narrative covers the entire life of Mikhail Tereshchenko.He managed to get rich, become a member of, and then a member of the interim government.Heavy Russian outswing led to the collapse of his wealth and success, but Michael emigrated and was able to start all over again.It is very useful to learn about the great affairs of the family, which for decades has helped disadvantaged.

Dorofeev Vladislav "principle Deripaska.Iron case OLEGarha »

book on the principles of one of the most successful businessman of the country.The stages of formation of the financial empire and schemes of work, as well as the main anti-crisis development.The book develops the question of the fairness and legality of the methods of enrichment which took Deripaska, having a huge impact on the national economy and well-being of people depend on it.