you need
  • - basic knowledge of the recipient's personal qualities;
  • - dictionary of synonyms;
  • - rich vocabulary and rhyming dictionary.
to write a congratulatory birthday poem for male to begin to make a brief psychological portrait of the man.Every verse - is primarily a message, and therefore, it is important that this message be heard.Several lines of rhymed verse greeting will not, if the birthday will be indifferent or hateful words directed at him.In drawing a psychological portrait in the first place should pay attention to the age of the birthday (depends on the lexicon), its nature (soft or brutal), related to the future author of the p
oem, that is, to you.
Congratulatory poem written on the basis of a psychological portrait.For example, if the birthday boy - a man who feels delicate matter and referring to you with love and affection, verse better to write his own name.This verse is better to use only female rhyme (unstressed end of lines, such as "strong arm men / Do not give me a rest after all"), and in the lyrics to focus on emotions, feelings, enthusiasm, and not the idea, and deep content.The sincerity of feelings and tenderness - the main weapon of the verse.
If the birthday boy - a brutal macho who can not estimate the spiritual impulse, then the verse should be "masculine."Use the male end of the lines in the poem (for example, "Oh, what are you man! / To me, you simply chic!"), Add a little humor understandable to both of you, to focus on the best quality of the birthday, praising and glorifying them.
When writing poems, use only words understandable to the recipient.Nine year old boy is unlikely to understand the meaning of the phrase "my blood - fast electrons in the hot synchrophasotron", and for thirty years the man would have been strange to hear "oh-Luli, Luli-oh, we baked pies."The main problem of beginning poets often referred to as search rhyme, but it will help to cope with any rhyming dictionary online.In fact, the main task of the poet - to keep the rhythm of the poem, and not to break the foot.This fact often makes simple tapping of rhythm when reading each line.If you hear that a particular line knocked out of rhythm - safely overwrite it.
Re-read the poem again to search for stamps.Beware of classic stamps sonneteer.These include, for example, are rhyme "rose-frost", "heart-door", "blood-love" or "Congratulations, I wish."Congratulatory poem simply must be original, and therefore it is not necessary to borrow a phrase or whole stanzas of the classics.Finally, to patch holes in the story.Some words, for example, can be read with different accents, and some phrases can be filled with different meanings for different types of people.And if one person in the phrase "all night fry" to hear a complaint army cook, the other can hear something completely child.Make sure that these occasional ambiguities in your verse, no, birthday, and see only the text that you would like.