action love story could unfold in any specific or fictional era, its characters are real characters who have left an imprint on the history, or our contemporaries - the modest, unremarkable people living exactly the samelife as we all do.But they love to fight for their happiness, suffer from misunderstanding and separation, overcome all sorts of obstacles in its quest to each other.And, of course, love conquers all!Heroes in the end, find their happiness, the joy of well-wishers and envious enemies.

Along with a really outstanding, talented romance novels, there are plenty of mediocre, weak works of this genre.It would seem that such books are doomed to failure, their circulation will not be in demand.But the situation is just the opposite: they quickly sold out.Despite all its shortcomings, such as a very weak literary level, the dominance of
uniform, stamped storylines, predictable outcome.What is the reason for this paradox?

can, of course, give this answer: such works deliberately created by the authors for a very specific readership consisting of people with relatively low educational and cultural level;just as trite primitive infinite series that has its loyal audience.But it will be only part of the truth.Since there are cases when very faint romance with pleasure read highly educated people who can not be suspected of a lack of culture and good taste.

most likely reason is that the love story even written in the low level, is an excellent tool even for a moment to forget about reality, about troubles and problems in his personal life and at work.The reader, plunging into the romantic world, distracted from the harsh and sometimes very unattractive everyday.So I want to believe that even in our cynical times prudently-not everything is bought and sold, that there is still a place for honest, deep feelings, and two loving hearts necessarily unite in spite of all obstacles and difficulties.And when the love story ends with "happy ending", the soul can not help warming.And their own problems and troubles do not seem so sad.