you need
  • playing cards
«Sic Bo" - one of the oldest gambling dice.In it, there are several types of bets: a specific amount of numbers, over / under, any triplet, a combination of three identical numbers on a combination of two identical numbers, bet on the number and dominoes.
Prepare hexagonal dice, numbered from 1 to 6 (the sum of opposite faces is always 7).You will also need a table with special markings and popper (special device for throwing dice).The number of players in this game is not limited.
Your task in the game - guess the alignment of blocks.Make bid (the leading games usually introduces newcomers to the varieties of bets), then wait for the other players put money on the line.
Once all bets will be taken, leading to clicks Roll Popper, then accidentally drops
a combination of the three dice.If the combinations of points equal to the number of points on your bet, you win (a prize usually given in terms of money)!
«Sica" - a game card.It can participate not only in the casino, but also at home.Number of players - from 2 to 10. Prepare an ordinary deck of cards.Distribute the cards: 1 for each player.Before the players look at their cards, they have to bet sums of money (bets).
If you sit on the left of the banker (the master), start walking.Do not bet less than the sum of the entrance - perfect last bet.After remaining bet, open the card along with all the others.
This is done as follows: raising or equaled the previous bet, you say you open one of the players.Opening the card of another participant, anyone but you can not watch them (even to their owner - if he plays face-down).
You will be a winner in the case where the number of points exceeds the number of cards your opponent points.Otherwise, or equality - you lose.
game lasts as long as there will be 2 members.They can raise the rate to a predetermined maximum amount.If you get to this stage, when comparing bids hidden cards and compare points.If you have a winning combination - your bank!
If by the end of the game you have with the opponent was an equal number of points, you have to declare a "welded" - hand over the card and re-play the bank.Each of the players who took part in the party, allowed to participate in the "broil".To do this, put in the bank half of it is present in amount.