Water Treatments

Get rid of the negative influence can be with water.Stand under the shower, the water should be a comfortable temperature for you, now imagine that nice soft jet wash you with all the bad.When you feel better, finish the procedure.

Another way to wash away all the bad - is to take a bath with sea salt, since salt is able to absorb all the negativity, purify and renew the aura of power.Dissolve in warm water and a packet of salt soak in the bath, try to relax and not think about the bad.After 15 minutes, get up and rinse the body with w
arm water.

rolling out an egg

Take a raw egg in his right hand and put it on top.Now slowly begin to roll him on the head, then go down to the neck, chest, stomach and continue to drive the egg until not yet been processed so every part of the body.In the process of rolling out mentally refer to a higher power for help and imagine how to clean your aura from the evil eye and other negative influences.After completing manipulation of the egg, take it to the trash and throw with the words: "Get out of the evil back to where it was."

remove the evil eye fire

In order to get rid of the evil eye, you can use a candle.Take a small paraffin candle, light it and looking at the flames whisper said, several times: "The element of fire, purify me from the negative, the evil eye, with all the bad."Keep looking at the candle and imagine how it burns all your negative emotions, frees you from spiritual gravity ailments.

need to look at the flame for five minutes.If you can not sit still, you start to itch and scratch the body, it indicates a strong energy impact.In this case, take a few deep breaths, try one more time to relax and continue the session with a candle until until you feel calm in mind and body.After that, the element of fire thank for their help and extinguish the candle.

How to protect against the evil eye

The easiest way to protect against the evil eye - it is normal to wear the pin points upwards.Attach it must be in an inconspicuous place, if the pin darken or rust, it must be removed and thrown out.

as a protective amulet against the evil eye can carry a small mirror on a cord.It is believed that the mirror reflects any negative influence and sends them to, from whom they come.