first rule of reading books in English will progress from simple to complex.If you have just started learning English, do not take the volume of the book challenging and try to understand them.Such works just weary, and beat off all desire to read the book in a foreign language.Remember how children learn to read in their native language: first they read individual sentences, then small texts, then short stories and only then take up a great book.With English you need to follow the same rules.At the primary level is adapted to take small works that have translated the most difficult words and phrases.At the middle level should be adapted to read the works of high complexity and after a successful read stories or novel
s to go on the books without adaptation.
To read it is important to choose the product that you have not read in Russian.So reading will be much more interesting, because when you do not know the ending, there is a motivation to read the book to the end.If you know in advance the content of the work, it will facilitate his perception of reading in a foreign language, but may deprive the reader interest.
not refuse to work with the dictionary.To do this, you need to read an excerpt from the text, for example, a paragraph or a page in a notebook and write down unknown words and expressions that you can not understand the context or who want to remember.Turn them and only then move on.This reading method is rather complicated and requires a lot of time, but adds great vocabulary, and eventually the reader fully understands the text read.
does not stop there.Difficult to read only the first half of the book, then things will go easier.The first time you need to get used to the perception of a foreign language, the style of the author, the difficulties associated with the transfer.But then the plot tightens, it becomes easier to read, is not required to continually refer to the dictionary, reading starts to bring pleasure.
read every day or at least every other day.It is important not to lose the skills of reading and the effect of it.Pay to read at least a few minutes, it is possible even at high employment.Continue to work with the dictionary, even if you're not there to record every unknown word.After reading English books should develop not only the speed and ease of understanding, but also to promote language learning.Without a new vocabulary to do it extremely difficult.