life partner as a man born under the sign of Taurus, want to see women with a whole bunch of positive qualities.The ideal woman in their view should be very intelligent, successful, single-minded, educated, educated, economic, sexual and non-intrusive.The entire set of properties is difficult to find in one person, so the search for a beautiful lady of a calf is often delayed.This explains the fact that most of the Taurus marry at the age of late thirties, often under the pressure of public opinion, and not having found his ideal.
If we talk about the appearance of a future life partner of Taurus, it should be noted that representatives of this zodiac sign is easy to scare excessively revealing outfits, piercings or tattoos.Taureans prefer girls to dress in classic style, but with a small element of sexu
ality.Taurus attracts mystery, secrecy and discretion.This girl should not be too intriguing because Taureans are very cautious to everything excessive, preferring to stick to the golden mean.
To please the Taurus girl should be well-groomed.Men of this sign of the zodiac pay attention to all sorts of stuff - manicure, skin and hair clean and fresh clothes.The slightest flaws and roughness can cause them to lose interest in the girl.Taureans prefer girls with natural make-up and manicures, as mentioned above, they are attracted to classic beauty.
Taurus is not too fond of zaznaek and upstarts who constantly show others how and what to do.Calm, self-control, the ability to hold a conversation - these are the qualities that allow you to draw the attention of the Taurus.It should be noted that the representatives of this zodiac sign is marked by egocentricity, so they are interested in women who are willing to listen to their long history of life.Interesting girl from the standpoint of these men - it's a good listener, able to ask leading questions, and have a genuine interest in the life and work of Taurus.
life of a typical Taurus is based on sound spiritual, social and material values, a stable structure, dimensions.Taurus is not too inclined to adventures and spontaneous actions, so they choose the girls himself or similar.For Taurus it is very important to the future life partner received the approval of the family.