Fantastic film "Stalker" was filmed in 1979 at the "Mosfilm".The script was written by the famous Soviet science fiction writers Arkady and Boris brothers Strugatsky.It served as the basis for the script of the novel "Roadside Picnic", published in 1972.

film "Stalker┬╗

In the film, the action takes place in a small town close to the anomalous zone.People left her, she is under the protection of the authorities.According to legends, in an area in one of the abandoned houses, there is a room, the wish-fulfilling.But to get to it is very difficult, the zone is deadly to humans.

Nevertheless it go some enthusiasts - stalkers.That's the name of the protagonist of the film, other characters also do not have names, only nicknames.Stalker hired to travel to the room W
riter and Professor.This professor secretly carries a compact nuclear device, intending to blow Room.He believes that its very existence is a threat, because once she can fulfill someone's wish, could lead to the destruction of humanity.

Path to the rooms are very dangerous stalker knows that there is one obstacle - the "meat grinder" that can not be avoided, every time it takes someone's life.Nevertheless, at this time all three of them manage to get to the living rooms.It was there that stalker and learns that Professor wants to destroy Room.Stalker says that you can not take away from people the last thing they have - hope.As a result, Professor parses a nuclear warhead, the three returned.

novel "Roadside Picnic┬╗

In the novel zone formed after visiting Earth alien civilization.Stalkers are a variety of artifacts from it - this kind of activity is very dangerous, but it brings a good income.Rooms analogue of the novel is the Golden Ball, fulfilling desires.It lies in a sand pit, on the way to it is also a "meat grinder."

protagonist of the novel - a stalker Redrick Shewhart.He knows the legend of the Golden Ball, but does not believe in it.Once he pulls out of the zone Buzzard Burbridge - stalker elderly who have no moral principles.Burbridge accidentally got kicked in the "jelly" - a substance which softens the bones.Realizing that he had made a fatal mistake, he asks Shewhart pull it out, promising to talk about where the Golden Ball.As a result, Vulture amputated leg to the knee, but he remains alive.Now he is hoping to get back to the Golden Bowl and regain his feet.

It Burbridge and Shewhart says that the pass "meat grinder" without someone's death is impossible.He advises him to take with someone in the area, because otherwise by "meat grinder" does not pass.And Shewhart Vulture takes his son, the young Archie, who also wants to become a stalker.All the way to the Golden Ball Shewhart tries not to look at Archie, telling myself that it's just "talking Skeleton Key."He needs to get to the ball to ask for health for her daughter - she was born not like all children, it is a direct consequence of his frequent visits to the zone.

Shewhart and Archie reach career.Already seen the Golden Ball - Archie runs to him, rejoicing and shouting - "Happiness for all nothing!".Shewhart not looking at him, he knows that the boy is now lost.Archie is killed in a "meat grinder" Shewhart calmly goes to the Golden Bowl.Here comes the most difficult time - it is very difficult to ask for something, knowing that it is paid for someone's life.

problem of choice

Despite the significant differences between the plot, the main characters of the film and the book are faced with the same problem of moral choice.The choice is made, but how it is correct?It can not tell anybody.It is interesting that at the request of Tarkovsky Strugatsky brothers repeatedly reworked the screenplay, achieving the desired drama director.