rare mystical genre writer bypassed the theme of vampirism.Lovers of fresh blood for the past 200 years inhabit page novels, horrifying, and sometimes even disgust.

traditional vampires in fiction.

founder of the genre can be considered by Bram Stoker.It does not fade away "Count Dracula" is popular and continues to inspire awe.Roman repeatedly exposed to the film adaptation, but none of the options could not fully convey the atmosphere of mystery and horror of the collision with the undead.

«Necroscope" Brian Lumley - a magnificent example of the vampire saga.The protagonist appears naked in his solitude.The magnificent cycle of 6 books was later extended "Trilogy of vampires."

In 1981, American author Whitley Strieber published a novel "Hunger", which developed the theory of the origin of vampirism.This product vampires appear in his cl
assic incarnation, the eternal feeling of hunger and maddening bloodlust.

«The Vampire Chronicles" - great books about vampires, love, able to make sacrifices.Saga Anne Rice, the modern writer, recognized as classics of the genre.Many connoisseurs of mystics got a glimpse of the "Vampire Chronicles", thanks to the film adaptation of the first novel series "Interview with the Vampire."

in search of a decent saga about vampires do not forget about Russian authors.At the time, the subject gave tribute to Alexei Tolstoy, creating a story "Vampire" and "Family ghouls."Today the great demand for books Pelevin, Lukyanenko Panova.However, all their heroes far from furor that made the character of "Twilight" by Stephenie Meyer.

Vampire - goodie?

turns, vampires are able to evolve.Modern "bloodsucker" appears gentle lover, a loyal friend and a loving father.It does not burn from the sun and its rays poured a small sparks scattered on the skin.

Thanks to the "Twilight" Stephenie Meyer entrenched in the literature of a new genre, combining sensual love with a vampire unfeeling heart.This series of products can be attributed at least well-known "The Vampire Diaries" Lisa Jane Smith.

If there is a desire to plunge into the atmosphere of the old gloomy mystical horror, is to stop the election on the modern novel Jeanne Kalogridis "Contract with the Vampire."In this book the author develops the theme immortal works of Bram Stoker, in his explanation to the reader riddles, do not get a solution in the primary source.