Tip 1: How to organize the sale of books

Almost every one of us has a collection of books accumulated , which are thousands of times re-read.They are "dead" load on the shelves of the bookcase, taking up a lot of useful space.Discard such literature, of course, a pity, because it is in perfect condition.The way out may be to sell these books .
you need
  • - books;
  • - a computer with access to the global network.
Discover Your Online advertisement for the sale of books : it will determine the pricing policy for contemporary prints.Search ads books , the direction of which is similar to your prints (fantasy, fairy tales, scientific publications and other and books).Find out how much are these new publications.
Rate books and : given the fact that they are not new (but in perfect condition), the cost of such new publications deduct 20-30 percent.The result is that the marginal cost of which will be sold / used and books.
register an account lovers read books and and place here to advertise the sal
e of books .The announcement note forum visitors on a variety of existing publications, their ideal state, and low cost.For more "attractive" in its text ads can contain the following phrase: "when the wholesale procurement delivery by the seller".
sign up for services, such as auctions, where you can sell any product.Put on these resources pre-written text ads.
Advertise on sale in books most read local newspapers.
Rent a small room in a convenience store or a point in the market, which could be moved books and put them for clarity and sell.

Tip 2: How to organize your book business

Although Russia is still called the most reading country, the organization of book - not the most profitable business.However, new bookstores are still open.To open a successful bookstore, it is important to find an unoccupied niche in the book business.
How to organize your book business
Books can just sell, and can be organized, for example, book cafes.Such places in Moscow already there, but they are few.Clientele have constant: students and cultural youth and middle-aged people.In this cafe you can just read a book with a cup of coffee, buy a book and listen to the lecture (and such activities are carried out), or to visit a meeting with the writer.
It is interesting what books you want to sell.Standard bookstore focused on the general reader, and it means that a large part of the shelves will hold romance novels, detective stories and plain fiction.Not everyone wants to open a regular store, especially since there is always a demand for more intelligent literature (especially in big cities).From concept store will depend on its location: standard book is good in a residential area (if there is no other book nearby), but the "author" store with an unusual assortment of the best located in the city center.
defined the idea, you can start to think of the organization itself bookstore or cafe.For them require:

1. registration of a legal entity or an individual entrepreneur.

2. office as a shop (good and inexpensive option - basement).

3. in the case of a cafe - the license for the retail trade of food and alcohol.

4. advertising.

5. site.

6. arrangements with suppliers (as well as lecturers, writers, etc.).
Actually, you can start trading books as soon as you will have space and registration.However, advertising your store or cafe to better advance.Let as many potential customers know that soon the area will open a new bookstore.Advertising - it is expensive, but it is better to spend at least on the Internet banners and bright sign.Tell us about your bookstore to as many friends - let them come themselves and bring friends.This will be your first customers.The more they have, the faster the matter will begin to generate income.
Remember, doing business requires the registration of the activity provided by the legislation of the country in order.Otherwise, such a business is illegal.
Helpful hints If you have an organized sale of accumulated books will be successful, then you're a born businessman.Why not think about starting a business of buying and selling books?Advertise that engaged in buying books, and very soon you will have a huge collection of publications held for sale.
  • Business for buying and selling books