If the subject of the article is free, then, first of all, think of the title.Try to write only on topics that cause you concern or in which you are familiar.It makes no sense to write about plants, if you just know that they are green, and sometimes bloom.And the work that I have created with great difficulty because of ignorance of threads will not benefit the reader.
When you have decided on the title, start looking for the necessary information, even if you know all of this area.After all, you can find a lot of interesting facts that you have never been met.Analyze all read and think about how to present it to and is easy to read, and the logic was respec
Create a favorable environment for writing and start sculpting.Write to consciously and consistently, otherwise the article will turn out unreadable or too dry.The volume of the product should depend directly on the topic: write as long as it is fully disclosed.Do not stop half-way and do not try to finish article before logical conclusion.
After writing a good article subtract for spelling, punctuation and style errors, and, if necessary, tweak the content.You can check for errors in any text editor that supports spelling and punctuation.
In some cases, you need to enter keywords, for example, if the article is about feeding the cats, the keywords should be "how to feed the cats", "feeding the cats," "ways of feeding the cats," "diet of cats" and so on.Do not write them in the style of "food", "cat", "bowl", such phrases can not profit.
Put work aside for a few hours.Meanwhile enjoy a search image which will characterize the sense described in the article.The image must be of high quality and fascinating look.After some time, reread the product, and then we can publish it.