novel by John Wyndham, "Day of the Triffids" appeared in 1951.According to the plot of the novel, humanity was in danger of death: as a result of a cosmic catastrophe all the inhabitants of the earth are blinded and became easy prey for the Triffids, carnivorous plants.Wyndham novel is imbued with faith in humanity and the power of the human spirit.I sincerely believe that united humanity could cope with any disaster.
novel by Robert Merle "Malvil" - a sample of post-apocalyptic novel.The heroes of the novel by chance survived the nuclear explosion that destroyed the rest of humanity.They live in a castle Malvil and try to survive on the ruins of civiliza
tion.The novel of psychological: mainly describes not the reality of the world after the end of the world, and the emotional state of the characters.They are desperately hoping for a miracle, salvation, but throughout the novel can feel the spirit of doom.
cult novel by Philip K. Dick "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?" Is one of the first examples of cyberpunk.The action takes place in a joyless world of the future in the city, radiation poisoning.In the future, Dick World War made the Earth nearly uninhabitable, radiation has penetrated everywhere.The main character hunts outlaws androids - humanoids.He always thinks about the meaning of his existence and comes to the conclusion that there was no point in human life is not.
Orson Scott Card novel "Ender's Game" - a novel of education in the fantastic surroundings.The protagonist of a boy was chosen hope of humanity, the commander who can destroy the enemy alien race.Ender brought up in a spirit of absolute militarism, but continues to question the appropriateness of violence.The novel is imbued with the spirit of anti-militarism.
cycle of novels about Lois McMaster Bujold Vorkosigan of Barrayar multifaceted.It combines the features of a family saga, a novel of education, political thriller and space opera.Bujold's novels there are two main components of a successful fiction: a thoughtful world with its mythology, history and geography and bright, charismatic characters.
«Hyperion" by Dan Simmons - layered novel.Simmons succeeded in one work harmoniously connect several main themes of science fiction - the problem of artificial intelligence, space exploration, hronoputeshestviya.The novel is built on the principle of "Decameron," Boccaccio - characters flying in a spaceship and tell each other stories about themselves.In the novel, a lot of references to world literature, and it raised a range of topics is very wide - from religion to love.
«Andromeda" Ivan Efremov - a novel-utopia.The book describes the ideal communist world of the future.The novel's characters - committed people, superpersonality that unknown fear, doubt and dishonest thoughts.