Consider the value of cards, that is, their dignity.The smallest is considered to be six.Next, in ascending order: seven, eight, nine, ten, jack, queen, king and ace.
deck of cards thoroughly mixed, after which each participant is dealt six pieces, and then throughout the rest of the pack is pulled any card suit later in the game which is considered to be a trump.The right to start the game belongs to the one who has the trump card of the smallest advantages.Most of all - it's six, but sometimes the card does not get anyone, so the following in order of seniority.
need to start walking to the party, sitting on his left hand.You can walk as a singl
e card, and several of the same rank, for example, two or three dozen women.Member of sitting on the left hand, must fight cards of the same suit even the dignity above.For example, you can only beat a ten nine, eight, seven and six.Regarding the trump - they beat any color, even trump (the dignity below), and the most important trump beats any card.The rest of the players can also pop the card, only on condition that it will be the same card value.The main rule - each participant can discourage only six cards.Exception - the first call, which is only five cards.
Next game goes on the principle of chain.One participant, who was able to fight back, walks to the next sitting to the left of it.All the cards are laid in broken-off "lights out."Also, after each call, all participants take as many cards as they do not have up to six.The first takes the one who started to walk.

If the party has not managed to cope with all the cards, which were planted on him, he has to pick them up yourself and miss the move.The participant has the right to just throw the card to others, waiting their turn to fight back, to get the right to go.
This is the way the game goes on for as long as all participants except for one, do not run the card.Those who stayed cards and called a fool.