Join the section table tennis have or offer physical education teacher in the school to enter the sport in the program of lessons.Look, do not play any fans of this sport in your backyard, and join their amateur team.You can also learn to play independently.It is only necessary to find a partner and learn the basic rules.
Table Tennis and should be the size of 2,74h1,525 m. At home, this rule can be slightly disturbed by choosing a suitable surface of approximately the same size.According to the central axis of the table must be split just above the grid 15 cm.
Begin training with mining supply.Throw the ball up with the open palm of not less than 16 cm. In this case, the ball must be located outside the table.Tap on him so that he once hit ab
out your half, over the net and touched the table on the side of the enemy.All the time of submission will be apparent as the audience or to the judge, and the opponent.
If the ball is caught on the net and it was the only mistake, the supply is made for the second time.The first feeding should be determined by lot, then this role is passed from one player to another every two filing.
If the score is equal (20:20 or 10:10), delivers each time a new player - until then, until a gap of 2 points.
In the case of a team game (2 people) to be divided along the table.Serve the ball so that it bounced off the right half of your zone and flew over the zone on the left rivals.The feed and the batter on the team alternate.
Under the rules of professional table tennis and the game continues until 11 points scored, fans sometimes spend matches to 21 points.
As a result of each draw one player or team will be awarded the point.It is calculated in the case of a rival one of the errors.This may be a touch of mesh or other inaccuracies in the pitch, hit the ball on the table twice in a row on one side, hit him after the rebound on his side, fighting off before it bounced.If you will touch the ball with your fingers, it will be considered a double blow and bring the second player to score a point.Just "kara" touch table by hand or touch the opponent of the ball.If the ball has not reached the feeding area of ​​the second player, or not hit the table with his hand, that too will win in the lottery opponent.
Disbursed tricks you can try out and alone.Try a game of table tennis the online simulators.Of course, this is no substitute for actual practice, but it will help to develop a speed of reaction.