The rules of Beyblade

Play beybleyd (or bebleyd or beybleyd) should be pushing for a top enemy of the playing arena.Popping the top accelerated special trigger, which secured top.Then he inserted the cable to run, which is rotated so that the top is under him, and the power cord is pulled sharply.As a result, a top sharply accelerated and knocks the opponent device from the battlefield.

The scope of the game set includes 2 exclusive Beyblade spinning top arena, launching mechanism 2, 24 scoring cards, 2 game cards and instructions.

game begins with the raising of the top and three-second count before the fighting began.Launched top to land on the gaming scene - if it falls to the ground, the c
ontestant will receive a prize point.If a top player touches another top during the battle, the player will lose a point.When departing from the field beybleyda arena player will receive a penalty point.After receiving three penalty points opponent will award two additional points.If a top player will stop at the last scene, he gets one point.The player receives three points every time a top contender touch the edges of the arena and vice versa.In such cases, the battle begins anew.

winner in the official Beyblade battle is the one who gains the first seven points.

Additional features games Beyblade

When playing Beyblade there are subtleties and nuances.So, Dragon Storm (or Dragon Spirit) enables the player to gain an advantage, forcing the opponent to run top with the other hand - the left hander, left-handed right.

The same rule can be applied to the very player whose opponent falls feature Dragon Storm.

DRACIE (or Turtle Spirit) will delay the launch of its top - before starting Beyblade have to wait more than five seconds until the opponent will run its top.

Finally, DRANZER (Phoenix or Spirit), which is the source of start-up and involves the use of motorized launchers tops working on batteries, instead of the standard tops Beyblade Ripcord.

If the player wins the Hero card, or Adjuster Beyblade, he gets a bonus for his scheme.At the same time you need to put the card face down to the previous card of the hero - this will give an extra point for battle in case the power amplifier on the bonus card matches the color of the starting device on the card is open.