become a spectator of the program "Health"?It is not difficult!

first step will be to complete the questionnaire on the website of the program.An applicant must answer the questions, indicating surname, first name, date of birth, contact details (mobile phone number and email address) and place of registration.It is further proposed to select the month, day of shooting, a convenient time and believe his luck.If the profile of the project coordinators seem appropriate, then they will contact you.

shooting day is divided into blocks sequentially removed up to four gears.Work starts in 8 hours 30 minutes, in between the blocks of the audience will have free time for rest and lunch.Pre
liminary gathering of participants takes place at 8 am at the entrance to the television station.You should have a regular passport and invitation card.For the future stars of the silver screen, without any registration in Moscow and being temporarily in the city, it is recommended to seize travel documents.On the shooting is forbidden to bring bulky luggage, video and photographic equipment.

Useful information for future viewers of the program "Health»

After approval of candidates coordinators warn participants about television dress code.Prerequisite is a festive and elegant clothes.The black or dark top is not allowed.We recommend using bright colors in clothes and try to avoid small patterns.Organizers of filming reserve the right not to allow the shooting of participating in mini-skirts, along with completely open arms or logotype commercial companies.Women boots need to bring a change of shoes, better shoes.Because one day removed several programs with one group of spectators, coordinators are advised to bring with them a variety of accessories, eyewear, scarves.It is worth to bring along something to eat.Water will provide everyone on the site.

Filming takes place at the city of Moscow, street Akademika Koroleva, 12, studio №13.To get to the bus stop "Telecenter" can be on the trolley №9 and 37 metro stations, "ENEA" and "Alekseevskaya."

shooting schedule and start date are subject to change, so future viewers recommended not to turn off mobile phones and regularly review e-mail.