Mafia - a game in which each player pursues his goal.This is a game with elements of logic and psychology.Playing this fascinating game , you get the skills to identify members of a barely noticeable touch in behavior.Mafia can be compared with the theater - to win, you need to play well the role, to improvise, to convince.This is a fairly common game played throughout the world.
Plot: respectable citizens tired of enduring the excesses of the Mafia, and they decided to put an end to catch all the bandits and sending them to prison.In response, members of the Mafia have vowed to kill all the citizens to the last.The game itself is simple, unlike the rules are not so simple as it might seem at first glance.
whom and what role will have to play to become a mafia or a peaceful city dweller, determine by lot.T
hen assign the lead.Several people sit opposite each other, everyone is invited to draw from a deck of cards.
Determine in advance, for example, a black suit - it is the mafia, and the red citizens.That is half of the deck, one party, the other half - rivals.Leading announces game provided day and night.At night, the townspeople can not open his eyes, the members of the mafia eyes closed.Thus, the mafia can see and know each other, and the townspeople do not.
When the host announces the day, the citizens wake up and decide together which one of those present will go to jail.Mafiosi must be acting consistently, trying to confuse the civilians pretending to be citizens.Next leading announces the night, night, members of the Mafia kill citizen, pointing to his master.Citizens at this time sitting with his eyes closed.Day of the dead out of the game.
game is to complete the destruction of one of the parties.The task of a member of the Mafia, not to expose myself to lie and convince players that it is a simple city dweller and citizen must prove that he really does not mobsters.