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originally contained only the transfer of a number of images and the narration describing the action in the illustration.Then they began to appear puppet shows.The familiar format became apparent in the seventies - with the arrival of a permanent character Fili, Stepashky and Piggy.

Phil - the oldest character transmission, the first time he shook hands with the screen May 20, 1968 Gregory Tolchinsky voice now that the executive and the brave little dog voiced by Sergei Grigoryev, who even looks like his doll.

In 1970 there is a new character - a rabbit Stepashka who began talking voice Honored Artist of Russia Natalia Golubentseva on his hand which he lives to this day.Its predecessor may be considered bunny tepuis, which appeared in the
first release.We also know that Stepashka was a favorite hero Leonid Brezhnev.

February 10, 1971 - the official birthday of Piggy, the favorite of all the boys and girls of his character.This restless character for a long time the voice said Natalia Derzhavin.After her death in 2002 and a serious casting Piggy entrusted Oksana Chabanyuk.

Over the years were telecast Valentine Leontiev, Angelina Vovk, Sudets Tatiana, Tatiana Vedeneyeva, Yuri Nikolayev, Anna Mikhalkov, Oxana Fedorova, Hmayak Hakobyan, Oxana Fedorova and Dmitry Malikov.

Father Trinity

Many uninformed people believe that the famous characters invented Vladimir Shinkarev artist from the group "Mitka", writer and ideologist of their movement.However, it is not.

Vladimir Shinkarev could not come up with Fil, Piggy and Stepashka because of the time the Fili artist was fourteen years old.The author of the sensible little dog was the namesake and namesake of the founder of "Mitkov" - Vladimir Shinkarev, who at that time worked as an editor shows.About him almost nothing is known.

who invented and developed the character Stepashky - is also unknown, but is credited with authorship of the Piggy Aunt Valya (Valentina Leontieva), one of the first major of the transfer.

actually find out who invented their characters and toys, clothing - not so important.It is important that the transfer has been published for fifty years on Russian television and raised more than one generation of boys and girls.