genres Children

code or kodomomuke Anime intended for children under the age of twelve.The peculiarity of the genre - the deliberate childishness, usually absent or extremely simplified ideological content.This anime is pretty close to the American and European animation schools, unlike other anime not only figure, but also the construction of a series.It should be noted that an inexperienced viewer can rarely distinguish between the Japanese TV series of the plan by non-Japanese.Code is drawn without coarseness and cruelty.The most famous in Russia are examples of such anime "Grendizer", "Bee Maya" or "Speed ​​Racer."

Shounen - kind of anime for boys and young men from twelve to eighteen.For this genre characterized by the rapid development of the plot, expressed dynamism.Shounen-series contain a large number of comi
c scenes, talk about true friendship, rivalry, sport or martial arts.In this genre of women and girls are often portrayed exaggerated sexy and beautiful.Shounen are sentay subgenre in which the adventures of a permanent small team of heroes (usually five), and a harem, where the male character is constantly communicating with a large number of women.

For older girls aged twelve to eighteen specially created genre girl.In this kind of anime emphasis on romantic relationships and image of the heroine.Subgenre magical girl tells about the adventures of young girls who have magical powers.The most prominent representative of this genre is the series "Sailor Moon".Very rarely can be found in the genre of shoujo "harem" series, where one woman surrounded by a lot of guys.

Anime Adult

seinen - a kind of anime for quite adult men between the ages of eighteen and forty.Soaps in this genre often contain elements of satire, psychology, and eroticism.Great emphasis is placed on the development of the characters.The works in the genre seinen pretty grim and realistic, very rarely are built on plots of romantic stories, more love line is one of the side.

Josei Manga - Anime view adult girls and women.Typically, the classic story-Josei Manga Anime describes the everyday, peaceful life Japanese.Part of the story sometimes is given the description of the school life of the heroine, that is where the story takes place tie.Josei Manga has a rather realistic panache.Love and friendship in such anime sufficiently mature.

Etty - erotic anime genre.In the framework demonstrates sensual scene with a hint of sex.

Hentai - Anime, which is a drawn pornography, often quite perverse.