you need
  • computer, internet access.
If you use browsers IE or Firefox, you can record sound directly from them.To do so, plug Freecoder Toolbar.Restart your browser and the pop-up panel toolbar set it.In the top (Storage Directory), specify the path to save the file.In the «MP_3 Audio Bitrate» select the size bitrate.Keep pressing the «Save».Open a browser favorite Internet radio station and click on «Record Audio», recording starts.To record the station stop, click «Stop Recording».
Implement capture streaming audio can be and with the help of the media player.Player AIMP2 contains necessary for this function.If this player is not yet in your computer, install it and configure.
In the upper left corner, select the icon with a wrench.Left in the submenu "Pl
ayer", click on the tab "Streaming Audio" and select the format of the source file.This media player supports MP3, WAV, OGG-format.
Then select a folder to save the recorded file, select the format of the header and uncheck the checkbox, if you want to split files.To start recording the radio, activate button «Radio cap» .URL / radio specify in the field that appears after clicking on the "+" button in the lower right corner of the Media Player.
addition to the media player to record Internet radio gives special programs.One of them - # 1 Screamer Radio.It is good because it takes up little space, excellent coping with the tasks.In addition to the formats supported by the media player AIMP2, # 1SR supports the format WMA.Conveniently also a built-in directory of radio stations.
After installation, launch Screamer Radio and open "Settings".Select the «Recording» in the upper field, enter the path to save the folder in which files will be placed entries.In the next field (File pattern) select the format of the file header.In the field (Maximum buffer size) set size bufera.Ssylku per channel Internet radio mount it on the "Open URL» in the "File" menu.To start recording, just press the appropriate button.