All tours are offered for groups of no greater than 30 people.That is, if you have less, you should write down on a trip, wait until the group is formed, be alerted by e-mail and sent to Moscow to enjoy a bird's-eye view.Do not worry, that the wait would be long.Despite the relatively high cost of tickets, tours are conducted continuously, thanks to the great desire of tourists to visit the Tower .
If you do not want to go on a tour with strangers, you can organize the group, which numbered 15 people and will submit a special application, using a system of electronic booking online TV tower.In such a group would be subject to special price.
If the tour is organized for an educational institution, the application shall be served on the
organization's letterhead with the obligatory blue stamp and the signature of the principal.The structure of the tour group must include two adults - teachers or parents.
Remember that on a trip you need to capture not only the camera but also a passport, and for children under 14 years of the birth certificate.Otherwise, on a trip you will not fall.You must come for 20 or better 30 minutes before the tour and pay for a ticket at the box office, which is located in foey TV tower.
in connection with certain complicated structure television tower, there are many limitations to visit its observation deck.There is not allowed wheelchair users, people with visual impairments who use a white cane disabled on artificial limbs, children under 12, adults over 70, pregnant women, people in drug and alcohol intoxication.This is due to the fact that in case of an emergency such people can not provide its own security and may endanger other.
With the permission of the guide on the observation deck, you can take pictures or watch a powerful pair of binoculars mounted here.The only limitation - is shooting with a tripod.
you can get on a tour every day from 12 to 17 pm, except Mondays.Ticket price for adults on weekdays 500 rubles, on weekends and holidays 600 rubles.Children can visit the TV tower just 290 rubles on weekdays and 320 on weekends.