two state TV channels - "First Channel" and RTR - shared broadcast from London as a friend.Every day one of the Olympics will select the competition that he would like to cover, and the next day it goes right to his colleagues.However, there are exceptions to this rule - to show the finals of some events in the Russian "First Channel" has exclusive rights.This applies, for example, men's soccer, men's and women's volleyball, tennis tournaments, weightlifting, personal championship in rhythmic gymnastics and others. But VGTRK on your channel "Russia 2" will begin the Olympic broadcast the first - it happens even two days before the official openinggames will begin when the football competitio
ns in women.The opening ceremony will show "Channel One", and the closing of the Olympics - RTR.

The channel "Russia 2" from July 27 Olympic information channel will begin at 11:00 Moscow time and almost without a break to go to three o'clock in the morning."First Channel" is planning to show the event live for at least three hours each day.However, separation schemes adopted by the impressions of the competition between the two public broadcasters is and inconvenient for viewers feature.It does not allow companies to at least a few days to make the schedule for a specific day.

Apart from these two TV stations will show the Olympics on all their channels and NTV.But viewers of NTV public will see only news and reviews of Olympic competitions.Direct the broadcast from London, complemented by traditional for this company "analytical picnic" will take almost all the airtime six pay channels NTV.

In addition to the three domestic television stations broadcast live and will carry two European channel in Russian - Eurosport and Eurosport 2.