As the game "Scrabble" belongs to the category of intelligent entertainment victory in it depends on factors such as the observation, reading and linguistic competence player.In addition, there are a number of additional tips following which you will be able to win in the "Scrabble" even the more experienced participants.

Tactics games

Very often players tend to use all the available chips at the beginning and end of the game to earn bonus points and gain the upper hand over the enemy.However, if you already lidiruete by a considerable margin, you'd better choose a defensive tactic.Try to use just those cells which increase the total points in the game.

Securities letters

Ironically, the most valuable le
tters in the game "Scrabble" are letters with a low rating.These include the vowels A, E, I, O and consonants K, N, P, P, C, and T. It is because of these letters can make a winning speech, if you use them all in one game round.But "expensive" the letters F, U, W, w, b, e, Yu is very difficult to use in the preparation of long words, so you need to get rid of them immediately.

key nuances of the game "Scrabble┬╗

During the game, try to maintain a balance between consonants and vowels.Also, do not get hung up on one just inventing new words.According to the rules, you can complement the previously laid out words using different prefixes and suffixes.Thus, the word "progress" can turn into a "transition" or "pass", and the word "running" - in the "raid".

To win, not necessarily to bet on long words.They do not always bring a large number of points, but your opponent can use them to enable new cells on the board.At the same time short words composed of "expensive" letters not only will bring you bonus points, but also make life difficult for the opponent.

Playing "Scrabble", try to use nouns in the nominative singular.Avoid adjectives and verbs with the unions.

not forget to use in the game colored cells.They can bring you maximum points.

If your opponent was in a sector which could bring him a nice set of bonus points, try to lock, making a short speech in 2-3 letters.On this basis the player will be hard to come up with something new.

last tip - be sure to replenish your vocabulary.The more new and original words you know, the more real will be your chances of winning the game "Scrabble".