Gambit - a particularly harsh form of the game of chess, which took its name from the Italian "dare il gambetto", which translates as tripped.

History of Gambit Gambit

first appeared about 400 years ago in the "Gottingen manuscript" which dates back to the 15th century.This style of play has its own rules, which you should pay special attention.

If you decide to use the gambit, know that it can be used only at the beginning of the game after the first 3-7 moves it becomes irrelevant and can only lead to greater loss of pieces and pawns.Remember that the tactics of "Gambit" can take advantage of your opponent and the game.

Classification gambit

Each of your course has a certain name, respectively, and the gambit is divided into three types.Usually only sacrifice
pawns, and the question arises whether they want your opponent to lose the game. Decide what you are willing to lose, as a gambit with the major figures is much more dangerous than the victim several pawns.

most often used such tactics are white, due to the possibility of the first move.This tactic is called the Gambit.If a player who plays for the black pieces, has decided to support the proposal and said counter-rival, such a tactic called kontrgambitom.If the gambit did not develop, and the enemy abandoned it - called the gambit declined.

Queen's Gambit

Queen's Gambit - is one of the riskiest exchanges in the game.Most often, this gambit is used when there is an opportunity to share the queen with the enemy, but in fact such tactics are more important. To study the tactics gambit is most advantageous to use the games played earlier.The study of such interchanges games will help you better understand the meaning of such a reception in chess.

consider the chessboard can be two most commonly used methods of the game.The first uses the newcomers for them the main thing - to destroy the largest possible number of figures, then checkmate pretty simple.But chess - a game of intellectuals.

second method is said about tactics, which adheres to the player throughout the game.In this game, the loss of the queen in the beginning can enable a combination that allows the opponent to checkmate in a few moves.

most striking examples of such games are conducted Grandmasters games or tournaments in which they play against several weaker opponents.The most well-known chess player who has engaged the Queen's Gambit, Karpov is also impossible to ignore the game Botvinnik - J.-R.Capablanca, Botvinnik, which failed to win in 14 years at the world-famous chess player.