train hard.If you enjoy Irish dancing, for example, it does not mean that you do not need to train your hands, even despite the fact that they are not used Irish dance.Any dance requires good general fitness.Generally speaking, a better deal by several dances: one kind of dance - serious, others - such as a reference to use them to train other muscles and learn to better understand your body and better manage them.
You should be able to approach the dance with the mind and know when what muscles are tensed, then to make a banner.The main danger when the train is not stretched - what muscles become shorter and lose their original flexibility.This is true for any physical exercise (jogging, working with ex
ercise machines), we can not neglect it and when to dance.Therefore, no matter how distasteful you do, "butterfly" and "sit on the string" do it and do not regret it.
Work on technique.Dancing - it's not just a sport, not so much a sport as art.It is very important plastic, sense of rhythm, music knowledge, the ability to move in a team and with all this smiling and luchitsya happiness no one will assign you the title of best dancer, if you're dancing with a sour face.
to learn to dance better than anyone else, you need to first talk with those who at this stage dance better than you.Such people are, you - not the only star in this firmament.So take from them all that they can give you: exercise techniques, movements, special combinations.Borrow the good things: how to tune in a positive way to the characteristics of the diet, from basic movements to techniques for applying make-up performances.You look - and you will soon be teaching them.
Before strive "to jump over himself," think, and so if you need it.Best of all, you still can not dance to learn.You can surpass all in salsa, tango but disgusting or stand as a tree stump on a club party.If you're not a pro, dance must first bring you pleasure - physical, aesthetic.Dance - a great alternative to the boring gym, if you strive to keep yourself in shape.The main thing is not to give life to dance and dance to embellish life in vibrant colors.