In compiling the list, the cartoons understand for themselves what the purpose of its preparation.Cartoon great variety: there are new items a year, there are time-tested, but the difference this year.Top cartoons should be at certain parameters.
identify a limited list.Will it include the names of 10 or 100, or even 1000 - in any case, at some among you should stop.Restrictions may be not only in number.You can narrow down differently.It may be, for example, only Russian-language cartoons;full-length or only, lasting for at least 1.5 hours;or only in the 3D format;or released only this year, etc.Even with this approach, the cartoons to choose will still b
e a lot.
sure to title the list, the cartoon on the main criterion of selection.For example, the "top 10 highest-grossing animation of the year" or "twenty of the most popular cartoons, issued for the period 2010-2012." Or "Multiplication new items this year."
If you make a list of new products, watch carefully for the emergence of new cartoons.This can be done by keeping track of articles in specialized magazines and newspapers, looking at posters of cinemas;or browsing the Internet sites that provide on-line viewing of the cartoons, which are always new and modern.For example, here:,,
Make your own list of cartoons of the year - and ask others to complement his.You will definitely prompt and help make it more complete.If you wish to build, for example, a list of the best cartoon of the year and good for your child, use their own experience, the experience of their friends and relatives;or spend a small opinion poll on the subject (in the street, at work, in internet forums and chat rooms).
If you are interested in the views of children on the cartoons - ask them about it, and not the parents.What they saw cartoons what they liked, what about just heard what would very much like to see.The results may be the most unexpected.And children, aware of the seriousness of the moment, that their opinion is interesting, tell all in great detail and truthfully.