Preparation and script

first think over the future scenario, sign all the roles.Try to think through all the details as soon as possible, so that in the process of filming there were no issues.The viewer must be in constant tension, so avoid longer scenes and dialogues.

finalize the script to storyboard to help specific special programs, for example, Celtx, Adobe Story Free, free web applications - Storyteller from Amazon, Logline and others.You can use them to prepare a summary, smooth the "rough edges".Convenient for study use small picture or a photo, indicating the various elements of the film.

find the necessary equipment for filming in the first place you need a video camera.You can use the camera of the smartphone with a set of controls
, camera with the ability to capture video.

Think about lighting a filming location, this will largely depend on the quality of shooting.The room definitely need additional light sources, for example, a few table lamps with a guide or a professional lamp shade for photographic studios.No need to bathe the entire scene - most importantly, to create a mood, stress desired midtones, and shadows.

Plug imagination and use to shoot all the means at hand.For example, as a tripod, you can use a water bottle, as a stabilizer - ordinary rope.Good effect you get when you install the camera on furniture with casters and slowly move it to the floor.

If you plan to apply video footage on a different background, remove the green screen.Some programs allow you to cut and other shades, such as blue or black (in this case on the actors should not wear clothes of the same color).Just hang on a wall or a window shade green monochromatic and remove its background.


Invite actors only when the props and equipment will be prepared.They should familiarize themselves in advance with their roles, rehearse, to pick up clothes.Even a small five-minute video shot takes is likely a few hours, if not days - everything will depend on your organizational skills.

When the material is filmed, make its installation.This will help free or paid program, for example, Sony Vegas, LightWorks, Screencasting, Pinnacle and others.Look carefully at the already prepared these videos or movies, try to repeat the approximate length and frequency of change episodes, alternating portraits and common species.