first participants lived in wooden barracks.There were two bedrooms - for men and women, a kitchen and three small VIP lodge for couples.Gradually, the area has grown to the size of a small village.There are new buildings.Members cared little about cleanliness and comfort in the rooms provided to them.The audience had the pleasure of watching the mountains of dirty dishes in the sink, the walls covered with stains of unknown origin, piled in a heap of things newly minted stars.

telestroyka In 2014 moved to a new location.Now in the project area are two comfortable cottages for couples with children, and they take Gobozov Pynzar.Other participants live in a two-storey house with a huge kitchen, bedrooms for boys and girls, and three private rooms for couples.The project area resem
bles a picture from a booklet of a resort.White fences, manicured lawn, sauna and two swimming pools.

freedom of communication and movement

¬ęcan not leave here.From here you can only fly "- these words greeted first participants Ksenia Sobchak in 2004.First time to act strictly the principle of selection of participants.Initially, there were 15. In general, the voting guys decide who should leave the project.And the next day there was a new member.Such a system did not last long.In practice, the show appeared spectator immunities castling and unscheduled vote.Some participants make their own decisions to leave the project, many of them soon returned, finding himself in the life of the perimeter.Alexander Zadoinov Nastya Kovalev, Andrei Chuev Lisa Kutuzov and a few others, especially the rating, the participants staged "comeback" at 3-4.

Initially, the rules of the project was not allowed to use telephone, Internet and freely leave the perimeter.Even televisions in homes was not.Participants were essentially isolated from society, while at the same time 24 hours a day under the gun cameras that have been installed even in bathrooms and toilets.Current participants almost around the clock sit in social networks, everyone has a mobile phone.By agreement with the organizers, they can leave the perimeter telestroyki for a few hours or even weeks.Participants it is called "take off" or "go on vacation."Reality show for their work, for which many get very good money.