series premiere was held September 22, 2005.His heroes - specialists in behavioral analysis.As in other procedural dramas, each series "Criminal Minds" is about revealing another case.The series stands out among other procedural dramas that at the center of the story is not the crime itself, and the identity of the perpetrator.
Heroes analyze every action, every detail of the crime known to, and on the basis of its analysis model the identity of the perpetrator.Specialists of the department of behavioral analysis are able to understand the thoughts of criminals and on the basis of their data to predict its future actions, prevent new crimes.
viewer and show the personal side of life heroes.Someone tries unsuccessfully to find a balance
between family and work, some are still experiencing childhood trauma, and someone can not afford the spoil his personal life
first season of the series was released in 2005year.The main characters of the first season were FBI agents Jason Gideon (played by Mandy Patikin) and Aaron Hotchner (Thomas Gibson in the performance), as well as other members of the team of behavioral analysis.In recent years, the cast of the show has changed.In the third season, he announced his departure from the show Mandy Patinkin, the leading man.His place in the series took the character played by Joe Mantegna, a former FBI agent and bestselling author David Rossi.
Creators announced that 10 season will be the character played by Jennifer Love Hewitt.She will play an experienced FBI agent and will join the team of the department of behavioral analysis.
At this point there were 9 seasons and 210 episodes of "Criminal Minds."February 16, 2011 the channel CBS released a spin-off series called "Criminal Minds: Behavior suspect."In one of the roles he starred Oscar winner Forest Whitaker, but it has not brought the series highest ratings.It was closed after the first season of 13 episodes.The CBS March 13, 2014 extended the series in the tenth season.Its premiere will take place on October 1, 2014.
premiere episode has caused mixed reviews from critics.As commend the acting and criticized mainly intricacies of the plot and characters supernatural insight.The audience was well received series, providing it consistently high ratings.
In 2012 was released an interactive game based on the series.The player must solve various problems, to reveal the mysterious crime.Actors seryl "Criminal Minds" did not participate in the scoring of the game.