«Being Human»

Heroes of the British series "Being Human" - a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost girl.They rent an apartment together and try to lead a normal human life, which is not easy given their paranormal entity.Ghost Annie - talkative girl whose wedding plans are interrupted her own death.She tries to realize its own essence and capabilities, as well as to recall the details of his death.

«Ghost Whisperer»

Melinda Gordon the main character of the series "Ghost Whisperer", manages its own antique shops and happily married.And sometimes it help turn the ghosts that could not find rest after death.Melinda could do nothing with his gift, but really wants to protect his family from the dangers
associated with it.Ghosts continue to interfere in her life.Each series "Ghost Whisperer" tells of a mysterious individual case, but in the series, there are sequentially storyline.Total screens out 5 seasons and 107 episodes.

«The Secret of Crickley Hall»

storyline miniseries BBC «The Secret of Crickley Hall" typical of films about ghosts: the family moved into a new house with a chilling story and soon faced with the inexplicable and frightening phenomena."The Secret of Crickley Hall" actor's work is characterized by splendid and strong, almost a detective intrigue.Eva and Gabe Kalej lost his son, he disappeared under mysterious circumstances.A year later, he and his two daughters moved to Crickley Hall, and soon realize that this house has something to do with the disappearance of their son.


of a European mini-series "Kingdom" by Lars Von Trier takes place at the Royal Hospital in Copenhagen.Simultaneously twist several plot lines associated with the paranormal.Killed innocent children, a ghost - an ambulance, a ghost with the most evil intentions - and all this in a yellow-brown tones and grainy image.The atmosphere of the show is sustained from the first to the last frame.In 2004, screens out an American version of the show scripted by Stephen King.

«Poltergeist.Heritage »

series" Poltergeist: The Legacy "tells the story of a secret society of" Heritage ", has existed for over 3000 years, whose aim is to protect people from the evil supernatural forces.In each series, says one of the members of the "Heritage" explores a mysterious new case.In addition, showing personal and professional life of the hero.Ghosts are one of the main themes of the series.The plot tells the story of a series of haunted houses, ghost towns, sinful souls who dream of escape hell, ghosts, wanting revenge, etc.