Winter in Buttermilk

remarkable Soviet cartoon of the favorite characters Buttermilk.The action takes place in the winter, on the eve of the New Year.Kot Matroskin and ball strongly quarreled and communicate only by means of telegrams.Uncle Fyodor and dad are going to come to his friends to celebrate the new year.Only here the mother does not want to join them.But at the moment when we must break through the chimes, it appears the house in Buttermilk.Have a fun company received a wonderful New Year.

Ice Age.Giant Christmas

wonderful cartoon about favorite characters of the Ice Age.It turns out that they, too, were celebrating Christmas.But this time, Sid the sloth destroyed a long tradition, breaking the Family Stone.To be angry Santa Cla
us and get a long-awaited gifts, friends go on a trip, but on their way there a barrier ...

the Secret Service Santa

Every year, children receive gifts from Santa Claus.But English is not so much a girl craves promised bike much work to learn the details of the main Christmas wizard.She wrote a detailed letter to Santa c issues and sends it.Parcel get in the Christmas department receive mail.But it gets no addressee and his son Arthur.


Soviet cartoon about what a good heart can break the strongest spell.A girl under the Christmas tree is a special device that is cracking nuts, and his name is The Nutcracker.In the hands of the toy comes to life and talks about his evil share.It turns out that once was moody Nutcracker Prince and his bewitched, and he still threatens the queen of the kingdom of mice.

Mickey.One day around Christmas

favorite young viewers of Mickey Mouse for a long time to become an international hero.Having become a symbol of all that is good and good, he tells the audience three wonderful Christmas stories about the adventures of his friends.

Faerie Fire

Good cartoon about a girl Marie, who on Christmas Eve wrote a letter to Santa Claus.She asks him to meet with his friend.Boy forced to live in a boarding school, where a very strict regime.He got there after the death of his grandfather.Good Santa decided to come to the aid of little Marie.

Barbie.Christmas Story

wonderful, colorful cartoon for girls.The main character in the film, this time not a Barbie and her little daughter.The little girl does not want to go to a charity ball, which is very important for the whole of the town.This behavior can destroy all the plans of Barbie and her family.