First, assign each card from Ace to 10 (except for images) personality.To do this, map each digit letter (Ace - A 2 - B 3 - B, etc.).The second letter receive from suit, such as clubs - A (from the word "aggression", which should be associated with the cards of that suit), diamonds - D (Money), the peaks - B (dark-haired), Worms - A (love).Now, each card is indicated by two letters, for example, the deuce of hearts turns in BC, and the five of clubs - in YES.Now, relive all the cards.Let BC turn to Boris Levin (of the "Internship"), and yes - Dima Avelino (say, your classmate), it can be actors, athletes, movie characters, your friends and acquaintances.And each of them should be familiar to you and immediately pops into mind.
all the characters, ad
d a unique effect, not necessarily related to its kind of activity.For example, one of them is dancing, another stands on ski.Third plays guitar, opens the champagne, is a machine, blow bubbles, drink coffee ... In general, each person should perform a certain action.And you should see it immediately when you look at a map.For example, we looked at six of spades (EB) - and you have a right before the eyes of Yegor Letov opens champagne.Or saw three diamonds (VD), and Vladimir Dovgan has signed the check.
Likewise Give all the cards with pictures image of a man performing a specific action, but here there is no need to form associations with letters.For example, the Queen of Hearts can be singing a song for you, Marilyn Monroe, and the king of diamonds - dancing Michael Jackson.
Check if you know all the cards.Train until you recognize each person for 10 seconds.If some of the images are difficult to remember, and change them.
Think journey through familiar terrain to you.Best of all, if this is your hometown.Remember the street from the house to the park and mark all the items that are found along the way.For example, a bookstore, a cinema, a telephone booth, a newsagent, etc.Such items must be exactly 52. ​​Make sure that you clearly remember the sequence of the entire route.Imagine yourself walking down this road and looks at all of these places.
Start remember deck .To do this, start the journey through the city.First step: a bookstore and pull the card - the king of diamonds (dancing Michael Jackson).Clearly imagine this picture, Michael Jackson passes between the shelves of his "lunar" gait.Then move on to the second map: the cinema and the card - three of diamonds (Vladimir Dovgan).I wonder why Dovgan sign the check in the cinema;perhaps he decided to buy it.
Now you can restore the entire deck in his memory in my mind simply by remembering their city and each combination.Train and after a while you will be able to remember all deck and surprise their loved ones with unusual card tricks.