theories of solitaire

The word "patience" in the Russian language has come from the French (patience) and is translated as "patience".This is due to the fact that its unfolding is time consuming, as well as attention and concentration.As is often the case with card games, set the time and location of solitaire impossible.Some legends tell of the reign of Charles IV, the other - the French mathematician Pelisson, he allegedly invented them for the amusement of King Louis XIV.There is also a curious version, asserting that solitaire was invented nobles prisoners in the Bastille.

Whatever it was, at the end of the XVI century began to appear a huge variety of card games, and the first documented mention of solitaire refer to
this period.To this day, historians argue about homeland solitaire, because the French name does not mean that the game was born in France.Many speculate about its Swedish or German origin.There is, however, an alternative point of view that should be considered the forerunner of solitaire card game that has arisen in the XIII century in East Asia.Researcher David Parlett board games believes that the original solitaire is a game for two players, while each had its own deck of cards. most famous ancient solitaire called «La Belle Lucie» (Belle Lucie)

Distribution solitaire

all-encompassing fashion solitaire came under Napoleon.It was then carried away by the nobles unfolding decks of cards, they began coming up with a variety of combinations and call them by their names decomposed.Then solitaire steel used for divination.In Russia solitaire came after Napoleon's invasion.The first Russian-language collection of solitaire was published in Moscow in 1826.The book was called "Collection of card layouts, known as the Grand Solitaire." scenario, for which the requirements are two decks called grand solitaire

In XX century solitaire again gained great popularity in the 80s, and with the spread of computers and mobile devices,
passion they become widespread.So, solitaire "Solitaire," "FreeCell" and "Spider" are included in a set of standard gaming operating system Windows, they are also present on smartphones and tablets, even more numerous layouts can be downloaded on any site that offers games for portable gadgets.