you need
  • - a set of dice for a game of mahjong;
  • - 2 hexagonal dice;
  • - a set of chips or a notebook and pen for scoring;
  • - icons indicating the winds.
Consider bone.There are three suits: points (DOTs), bamboo and characters (symbols).Each bone contains from 1 to 9. In addition, there are the bones of "dragons" - red, white and green - bones and winds - East, North, West and South.Each of the bones found in the set of four times.
bones Turn face down and mix them, then each player must build a wall in front of him, consisting of 34 bones: 2 in height and 17 in length.Connect the edge of your walls, so that the right edge of the wall remained free, and the left forms a right angle with the wall the player to the left of you.
now, throwing dice, you decide which one of you starts the first gam
e.A player who has fallen on the bones of the greatest number, it becomes an east wind.Coming off a counter-clockwise wind are distributed as follows: North, West, South.A player who starts the next game - the dealer.
The game consists of four rounds, each of which in turn consists of a minimum of 4 games.However, the game can be very lengthy, since if the dealer wins, he retains the status of a dealer.Also, the status of the dealer does not pass to the next player in the case of a tie - "fish".
dealer rolls the dice to determine the player, whose walls begin to understand chips.Counts down the winning number is needed with the player sitting to the right of the dealer, counter-clockwise.Then, the player rolls the dice and counts from the right edge of the wall number of bones of the winning number on the dice.The last stack of the two bones pulled from the wall, the bones are placed one on the short stack and tear on the stack, located through one right, and are called free.
Dealer begins to disassemble the wall first: take four dice.Behind him the bones take players counterclockwise.Having hands 3 groups of 4 dice should be taken one by one.In the hands of the player should be on the 13 bones.Then the dealer gets one, 14 th bone.
The course begins with the dealer who chooses unneeded bone and puts it on the table, clearly pronouncing her name.This bone can be taken by other players to form one of the combinations: chow - 3 successive bones of the same suit, Pung - 3 identical dice Kong - 4 identical dice.However, Chow bone can only take the player to the right of who was walking.On Pung and Kong bone can take any player.
If the bone is needed both Chow and Pung / kong different players, the Pung and Kong are the priority.However, if the player needs a bone to complete the game - at Mahjong - Costa takes it, even if this bone it generates a sequence.If the same bone on the mahjong need two different players, it takes the one who sits on the player, put the bone.If a player has collected Kong, he should take any of the available bone.
If the bone is lined took one, the turn passes to the next player.He takes one bone from the wall, and one puts on the table.Unused bone can not be used later.
If a player has finished a combination of bone from the table, it is considered open.If the combination is made up of bones obtained from distribution and from the wall, the combination is not declared to the scoring and is considered closed.The game is over, if the player has collected 4 combinations of any kind and a pair of identical dice.When to mahjong lacks a single bone, the player whose turn it is to declare "begging hand."
Scoring starts with the player with the Mahjong: he gets 20 points for the collected Mahjong + extra points for the combination of: chow - 0, open / closed Pung (2-8) - 2/4 open/ indoor Pung (1, 9, the wind dragons) - 4/8, opening / closing of the Congo (2-8) - 8/16, open / closed Pung (1, 9, the wind dragons) - 16/32.Also, 2 points for a pair of dragons assumed a couple of their winds or winds round.For each Pung / kong of its winds, the winds and dragons round total score is doubled.