Mafia as the first Soviet role playing

The most common is a role-playing game "Mafia".Draw with special or ordinary playing cards defines the roles of the participants: the citizens, which also include the sheriff and doctor, and two mobsters.During the game the party peaceful participants of detective stories bring to light the mafia, which continues to make the treacherous murder, convincing the rest of the players in his innocence.
traditional board game "Mafia" can not be named, because the rules need not apply the playing field.Need a mysterious story master cards for the drawing and description of the characters.Playing the game adjusts the lead.
Motherland "Mafia" is the Soviet Union.Within the walls of the Moscow State University stu
dents played it, which later "smashed" its rules throughout the Soviet Union and beyond.Today, there are different versions of the game with additional characters.

famous board role playing

For desktop role-playing games that are currently popular, characterized by fantasy theme.Before the game, Master, or leader, he tells the prehistory of the future of the game, describing what the problem to be solved in dreamland.Then the participants choose their characters.Following the rules, leading simulates a variety of situations, from which players must find a way out.All participants play different roles, but they are on the same side.Together they defeat the evil trolls, monsters, castles and free the universe.
Russia also belongs to the development of tabletop role-playing games.Rules and description of the "Age of Aquarius" can compete with foreign counterparts.
Classics rolevok considered the game "Dungeons and Dragons" created more than forty years ago in the United States.It is interesting how fans of role-playing board games, and beginners.Players with their characters for a few hours immersed in an underground magical world ruled by fantastic creatures.

¬ęCall of Cthulhu" is also a long-lived among board games.Without losing its popularity, board game attracts new players Spine consciousness monsters and desperate adventures.

game "World of Darkness" was created for lovers of mystery and gothic.Players can get all the role of werewolves, vampires or people with abilities.

also popular among young people worldwide has gained a comic play "Munchkin" which allowed all the way up to foul play.This "nastolki" is a kind of parody of the traditional role-playing games.