1. It should stay in the game in case the pot became DHS in your favor, you have a strong combination of cards, there is a chance that in the course of replacing the card, the card can be strengthened.

  2. opens can be: if your chances of success are less than 50 percent, you hold in your hand a couple 4 cards - flush or a straight.In any other case, the risk is not necessary.During replacement cards to enhance your chances of cards are very small.

  3. In the event that you have a strong hand, you can try to make sure that your partners have put on the game as much money.Work should be very carefully so as not to frighten opponents at once.

  4. often necessary to change the strategy of your actions, you can bluff.You have to play poker is unpredictable.

  5. should try to make sure that your opponent could not you "count
    " when you change the strategy.For example, if you're holding a pair, replace multiple cards.You can even change the bet value, in this case in the hands of you is still the same combination of cards.

  6. Control rival - the mandatory rules of the game of poker, you need to examine your opponent catch his style of play.

  7. poker game should start on the small stakes.The more you practice, the faster you will start to play well (in poker is the most important skills and craftsmanship - two components of your success).

  8. Do not borrow their money.The best answer that you have at the moment there are no available funds.

  9. Give plenty of time to study the game of poker is obviously necessary, but do not forget that strong load, many hours on the computer to find anything useful for your body will bring.

  10. Education.It should be constantly read different books, watch professional sports, as well as to train and develop self-discipline.

must remember that poker - strategy game where an understanding of the psychology of people is important.It is necessary to calculate and try to get ahead of your partners in the game.It is important to learn how to manipulate opponents.Try to make the opponents to act in accordance with your wishes.To become a successful player in the future, should seize only some secrets of poker.