There are two ways to memorize the cards in different variations.One of them consists in the selection of the reference images for the cards, and the second - in the immediate memorizing cards without matching images.
In the selection of images for each withdrawn from the card game you need to each of them "fix" some way, whether it is object, phenomenon, or something else.This will come up with a better way of beginning with the same letter as the name of the map.For example, the six of hearts - ball, eight of spades - veranda, a king of clubs - toddler, seven of diamonds - a dog.
linking names published cards bearing the images, and put some of the images
of the picture, you can easily remember all the cards.For example, we came out of the game six of hearts, eight Rush, King of clubs and a seven of diamonds.Built from images of the situation: toddler threw a ball to the veranda and frightened dog.
This method is very good, but it does have disadvantages.We must try to come up with images that will be well remembered.In addition, it is necessary for the possibility of the images instantly be the whole picture.However, if you have a good picture of the action remembered it for a long time "zasyadet" in your mind and you remember the card at any time of the game.
second string method is to simply memorize the cards themselves, just like they are.The picture of the images - it's very convenient, but to use this method when you play with people is not very comfortable.If you are a long time to compare cards to the images and draw pictures, the remaining players will be nervous and you constantly have to adjust.And in this case, you no longer remember the cards and begin to just play.
But immediate memorization helps train memory, allowing you to not only remember the card, but also any other data.