you need
  • large table or a place on the floor, table games.
Depending on the number of people in the company can choose different kinds of games.Most board games designed for the company, consisting of 2-6 people.Lead can be both a player and an individual that deals exclusively with the scoring and compliance with the rules of the game.
to explore, create a light atmosphere in the youth of good light play on the speed of reaction.Typical is a quick game "Uno", a prize which is completely random and depends on the fallen cards.More interesting "fast" game for the development of associative abilities and a good response can be called "Elias."The advantage of "Elias" is the possibility to play unlimited membership, which is divided into 2 teams.
One of the most "convenient" to know each other player is the company "Dixie", designed for guessing associations with the pictures on the cards.In each round the player wins, the association whose picture leading closest to the initial idea.Russian analogue is "Imadzhinarium": the rules are very similar, but in the last game to use pictures of Russian artists.In these games, you can play a composition of up to 7 players.Scoring is conducted on a special board.
From popular "quiet" games designed to communicate, we can recommend "Bonanza" and "Potions."Rules of the game are fairly simple, they take 20 to 40 minutes and allow time to talk calmly moves between players.
strategy game perfectly suited for quiet companionship, can be called "Carcassonne", which is based on the construction of the chip card with the image of castles, fields and roads."Carcassonne" may take up to 45-60 minutes of time, depending on the pace of the participants.Another well-known strategy game - "Monopoly" is much more long and is suitable for people who love the spirit of competition and can adequately play (unfortunately, the loss of the "Monopoly" most people experienced offensive than in other games).
Games that do not require special cards are "Crocodile" and "Mafia" card to which you can always create from scrap materials.They can recoup an unlimited number of players.
most fun mobile game for the development of communication skills can be called popular in the youth game companies "Twister."Better play "Twister" a familiar company, as it suggests tactile contact.