you need
  • - a set of dolls;
  • - building blocks of different sizes;
  • - scenery for the play.
In stores you can find a variety of sets of dolls.They may consist of 3, 5, 7, 10, 12 colored pupae.For a very young child is enough of a set of dolls 3-5.Show your child how to get them.
Place the dolls in random order.Teach your kid to compare their size.Arrange dolls growth.At this stage, the child can learn the concept of "high - low", "more - less", "the biggest - the smallest."The first will be the biggest matryoshka, then - the one that is smaller.Last in the line - the smallest.Explain that you need to collect the pupae in the order
- the smallest doll to put in more and close, then this doll - in the one that more.
child easily learn to count dolls.They look similar, but at the same time are different from each other, so that the baby is easy to remember what doll he had found, and what has not.At first, the child will touch each pupa, calling number.It is better to learn to take it apart dolls in a row.
Build for dolls houses.Very well, if you have cubes and prisms of different sizes.You can pick up for each different set of dolls.Nothing prevents the room for them to do - such as on a shelf.Each nesting dolls can have your bed and your table.If the dice a lot to build the city dolls.
Teach your child to play the daughters and mothers.The biggest matryoshka - mom, she has a lot of children.For the first time, you can take the role of mothers themselves, to show the basic game actions.Dolls can be put to bed, feed, led a walk, ride a car.
Arrange theatrical performance.You can compose a scene specifically for dolls.But nothing prevents the use of other toys.Pick the right story.You can play the scene with the music - because you have a chorus.Matryoshka can and led dances.To play, most likely will need decorations.They can be made of cardboard and colored paper.The scenery for the theater need the most simple toys - trees, house, flowers, fence.Just keep in mind that they need to look good on both sides and stand firmly on the table.Instead of decorations made of cardboard can be used blocks or Lego.