question "How to play the beetle » ambiguous as to mind several deployment scenarios possible rules and events.
first option is typical for amateur entomologists.Find two or more species of beetles.In spring and summer, your chances of a successful search will increase significantly.When you find a suitable specimen, a good look around them and think of them characteristic nicknames - yet now it is your pets, even for a short time.Now that all the formalities and rituals are met, you can start the game - racing beetles!Put them on your earlier mark designated "start" and you can start getting excited - whose beetle gets to the finish line first.Bids are encouraged.
second way to play beetle suit capricious young ladies, directly to children, as well as boys, tomboy.Actually, they play and especially do not want to hear that in his address, "that's a bug!".Beetles often called harmless, cute bullies and to play by these rules, and you only need to unleash your inner child.Just
English translation of the word beetle «bug» slang means of computer error, system failure.Therefore, if you are not at odds with the computer and technology in general, if you approach it prefers to freeze as quickly as possible, perhaps you have a tendency to "bugs in the game."
third option of entertainment will enjoy success with wanting to relax and at the same time to tone their muscles.Drop back, but carefully, can even lie down.Zaderey up their limbs - arms, legs.Start them helpless and jerk so zealously as you can.Remember, at the time you are a beetle, who desperately wants to get up but could not.Tired jerk - fine, then - back to work.These simple manipulation and is, in fact, the game beetle .
enjoyable and rewarding pastime.