Overview Game

essence of this board game is a journey through the dungeon players (the expanses of the cosmos, the waves of the ocean, the streets of the city captured zombies - depending on the "Munchkin").The game is played by opening the card "The Door" and picking up cards "Treasures" ("Rags").The aim of the game is to reach the tenth level.Levels can be obtained by killing monsters, pulling the appropriate card or by purchasing them for money. last ten manchkin level players can only receive for defeating the monster, and in no other way.


Lay cards "Door" and "Treasure" in piles, give each player 4 cards from each deck and determine the next move players.Consider getting a card, put the ca
rd "cap" ("pain in the ass"), "shoes" ("footwear"), "Armor", as well as an "object" in front of him, indicating that they put them on the character.Take advantage of their bonuses.

Start course with the opening of the card "The Door".Under it certainly would be a monster, trap (the curse), or bonus.If you fall into the trap, read what is written on the card and do the job.If you open a bonus, apply it immediately or leave until the right moment.

opened the "Door", behind which lurks a monster, to join with him to fight or run away.Joined the battle, and add your level of bonuses to the level of the monster, if the amount of your level and bonuses of more than a monster, you have won it.Get new level and take position behind the winning number of treasures. If you can not defeat the monster alone, ask the help of other players.For this promises to them of the treasures that you will get after the victory.

If you can not defeat the monster, run away from him.To do this, roll a die for each monster that takes part in the battle.If the cube fell 5 or 6, it is assumed that you have successfully managed to escape when the number fell to less than 5, you caught a monster and you have to take the fight.If you are not able to defeat it alone, call for help of other players.In the event of consent, levels and bonuses of both players folded, but only gets a new level player who was attacked by a monster.

«set up" players

rivalry between players manchkinami an integral part of the game, it allows them to create problems in obtaining new levels and increases your chances of winning.To make trouble-manchkinam other players at the beginning of your turn, play against one of the players card "trap."The injured player should be subjected to all the misfortunes that are described therein.

Another way to prevent the neighbors reach a new level - it is to use the card "Stray Beast" cards with "Monster" at the time of the battle the player.This will add to the attacked manchkinu monster another monster, and their levels will emerge, making it difficult to win over them.In case of defeat, the player is subjected to two "improper conduct" of monsters. If you opened your turn "Door" and found her a monster, you can fight the monster of the cards that you have in your hands.Terms of battle with this monster does not cast from the usual, and for the victory as well, and given the level of treasures.

last way to hurt the players - to demand payment for their help in the fight against monsters.To do this, start trading with the attacked player in order to get on as many treasures in case of victory.