Tip 1: How to dance clubs

club culture - the most democratic in the choice of dress, dance and musical direction.It can meet representatives of completely different subcultures otnoscheniya which sometimes can not be called friendly: rock, hip-hop, elektrodens, pop and others.Therefore, the club can dance in any style that you like.
If you experience tightness in front of large crowds, try to dance at home.Turn on the music and move to its rhythm.Try simply reflect the movement of the composition of his body.If you wish to remove yourself with a video camera and display.
Enroll in a dance studio.Together with you in the group will be engaged in the same novices like you, so you will have nothing to be ashamed of: everyone will make mistakes with the same frequency.Direction dancing is almost irrelevant, but it will be relevant club latin, hip-hop, electro house and other modern dances.They develop general endurance, flexibility and plasticity, you will learn to hear the music and to reflect changes in i
ts motion.
atmosphere in the club contributes to the overall relaxation of the visitors.People are many, but the light is muted.In addition, each passionate about yourself and not particularly looks into others.So if you start to dance, do not attract much attention.If no one is dancing and you want to move boldly go first - no matter how you dance, seeing your courage, for you very quickly catch up with the rest.In addition, during the dance, too, you will not be up to the public: concentrate on myself and just have fun with the music and their own plastic.

Tip 2: As a guy dancing in the club

draw attention to themselves on the dance floor is not only nice to the girls, but also boys.Because of the loud music did not hear the words, so you can become acquainted only with the help of dance.There is no need to complex if you have never danced.Learning this is not too difficult.
As a guy dancing in the club
Include MTV or other music channel and start watching videos.Select several separate movements that you like.Turn on music and dance work out because the mirror.It's okay if you now think that your dance is boring.You have just begun to learn, and the main thing that you were moving to the music.Every day, your dance will "grow into" new details.
Arriving at the club, to see how the rest of dancing young men.Surely some of them will seem funny, but someone's dance, on the contrary, enjoy.Try to dance just like the guy whose telozhvizheniya you like.Over time, when you become a regular at clubs that have developed their own style, and at the beginning there is nothing wrong if you repeat a more experienced party-goers.
Go on youtube and type in the search box Dance for men.You see a lot of video tutorials, training of young people dancing club.Standing in front of the monitor and repeat the movement.Very soon you will be able to do the whole dance without prompting.
Mark Twain recommended dancing as if you no one is watching.Surely at home alone you behave uninhibited, executing dance steps for his own pleasure, the club is it is far from everything.Creative imagination is distancing itself from the public, imagine that you are on the dance floor in addition to no one else.And then you will succeed.
If you have seriously decided to learn to dance, sign up for modern jazz.Anyone who knows how to dance jazz can dance all.You will be able to practice different movements, which are then embody in your dancing at a club.
Do not cover up his inability to dance funny antics, unless you come to the club deliberately fool around.Girls around you are unlikely to appreciate if you splyashet before them dance the funky chicken.
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