Tip 1: How to dance the lambada

Lambada - dance, once conquered millions of people.Interest in it still persists.You can learn how to dance the lambada and return to the past, when Europe was the peak of the popularity of this dance.


desirable that the room was spacious enough, but you can get out and into the street.In principle, you can dance the lambada on a small piece of land, because the main thing in it - the movement of the hips, which does not require much space.But when a lot of places, you can dance is not something that couples and a large group arose, for example, one after the other "locomotive."

First you need to get up and exactly describe the eight imaginary hips in the air, actively moving buttocks.Thus it is necessary to carry out the transfer of the body from one foot to the other.It would seem easy when a few workouts will give you confidence.

Then you need to add another element of dance - steps.Repeating all the movements that you learned earlier, you need to move forward.The combination of the
movements should look harmonious and plastic.In the process should take turns to throw feet sideways.

difficult to learn directly involved in the dance the whole body, so after you are well able to perform all of the above movements, you can add hands.They need to raise at a time and shake provocatively.

When the dance moves finally conquer you need to work on your tempo.After all, the real lambada is danced very quickly.

items paired

man embraces right arm around the woman, she puts his left hand on his shoulder.The left hand he holds out to the side and slightly forward, just so that she found herself between him and his partner.Then the man takes the woman's right hand and holds his hands clasped at chest level.Legs dancing lightly touching.

important to remember that all the movements in a pair of man begins to dance with his left foot and his partner - on the right.Ends partner, on the contrary, on the right, a woman - on the left.

Paired man can put on the floor the whole foot at once, while desirable woman dancing on tiptoes.At the same time it must keep the leg straight out to the couple could naturally make different turns.

What dance

Lambada - funny, provocative, passionate dance.Hence, the need to dress accordingly.To fit top bright top or T-shirt.The skirt should not be long to be able to demonstrate the beauty and sensuality of the body movements.Shoes should choose low or medium heels - they lengthen legs and emphasize curves.And you can barefoot.Hair should be dissolved or build in the high beam.

man can wear a beautiful bright shirt and trousers.T-shirt and shorts perfect for a friendly circle.

Tip 2: How to learn to dance the lambada

Translated from Brazilian lambar means "passionate kiss."This name together with incendiary rhythms and unpretentious music made the whole world a closer look at this dance.As a result, Russia met in Lambada 80-90.The whole country is famously danced and drove the whole dance.Interest in this dance a few subsided.While still are beginners who wants to learn to dance the lambada.
How to learn to dance the lambada
to learn to dance the Latin American song, a lot of you do not need.Just stand right in the middle of the room or the street.Then start moving.Do it this way: transfer the weight from one side to the other, combining all this with a scrollable eight hips.At first, it may seem that it is simply impossible to repeat.But the reality is quite simple.Practice, and you will succeed.
next item add steps.Begin to move forward, swinging her hips and repeating the motion described above.In the course of movement in the leg side dispose alternately.
Can in motion to raise the turn to shake hands and wrist.As soon learn to perform dance moves, you can find like-minded people - along fun.Stand each other so as to get the train.Turn on the music, determine the direction from which you start to dance and move on.
Once you work out all the movement, start narabatyvaniyu required speed.After Brazil Lambada - this is a very fast dance.
Want to add variety and more Hispanics to join the world - add dance image.To this end, the skirt suit.For Lambada, as a rule, the model of the top narrow skirts and flared bottom.It was in such a convenient twist the hips and lifted his legs apart.It is desirable that it was bright colors.Top wear a top or a shirt tied under the breast.
Learn to dance the lambada any person.It is ideal for children and for the elderly.The main secret of the appeal of the dance - the simplicity and elegance.It helps lambada liberated, to learn how to smoothly drive the hips (this gives a certain piquancy to walk) and allows you to feel more free.Also teaches lambada dancers better control the body.
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