In a separate type of grading programs in Latin America (Antilles) dancing or simply latina took shape in the mid-19th century.His widespread they are required to free North America, which bizarrely mixed culture, including dance, several races.Thus, the Spanish folk dance, elements of which are performed during the bullfighters bullfighting has become known worldwide as the Paso Doble.Samba was brought to Brazil, and then to Europe, African slaves, rumba and cha-cha-cha originated in Cuba and Haiti.

traditional program of sporting ballroom dances adopted by the Federation of ball sports, since 1930 in the Latin American section includes five dances.It jive, samba, rumba, cha-cha-cha and paso doble.All of them are executed in pairs, male and female, and feature a Latina in contrast to the European dances that during the performance of both partners can
disconnect the contact and pressed against each other very closely.All Latin American dancing rhythmic and emotional, and some of them are particularly sensuality.

As a rule, competitions and festivals Latino dancers perform in bright-fitting dresses with sequins weight.For the ladies allowed short skirt and open back as much as possible for a partner - fitting suit.

not only professionals dance Latin American dances.The so-called "club" Latina has long been one of the most popular mass dance in Latin America and in the US, Europe and Russia.Salsa and bachata, merengue and mambo - these dances require honed skills, they more important to unfold fully, turning movement in the sense of history filled with love and passion.Not by chance the same half-jokingly, half-seriously bachata called "sex on the dance floor."

For many years, a cult for all the dancers Latina is the film "Dirty Dancing" with Patrick Swayze, which are shown in all its glory the most popular amateur dance.