you need
  • fishing rod, fishing line, lure, sinker, bait, ice auger.
best time for catching navaga - from November to March.Select a day, it should be windless, with normal atmospheric pressure, sincein bad weather, the fish becomes lethargic and bad bite.
Please prepare gear.Take a fishing rod with a thickness of 0.2-0.3 mm fishing line and a hook on the number 3 and № 8. length of fishing line should be at least 25 meters, sincenavaga often happens at depth.Prepare several different lures with a yellow tint.In the process of fishing lure will have to change, to find out on what navaga bite better.Be sure to prepare the sinker.It is better if it is elongated and the weight of 30-50 gram.The length of the rod does not pl
ay a big role, for winter fishing it can make even the length of 20 cm.
requires special training and bait.Of course, saffron cod can bite and normal worm.But it is better to prepare a special lure.An excellent option would be mussels.If close to the fishing grounds there is any dock (you can even abandoned), come to it, check all bearings, which are in the water.Remove all found the mussels, heat them (you can even lighter).Open the flap, remove the meat (it will be slightly yellowish color, which is very well suited for catching saffron cod), cut into pieces and use it as bait.Another option for fishing navaga be raw meat, slices of raw fish (especially smelt), pieces of fat or marine worms.If you use artificial bait, take the bait silicone yellow or green.
ice fishing Drill hole away from the coast, its width should be about 30 cm. Remove any ice with scoop holes or any materials at hand.Lower fishing line into the water at full length.When fishing rod twitched navaga certainly, this fish is a predator and it is better to bite on moving objects.
If you fish in the warmer months, use a boat from the shore you can hardly catch navaga .Cast a line, played with fishing line.Pick a certain pace that will give the best results.Navaga bite sharply and strongly, so be prepared and do not let the fishing rod out of hand.Hooking the fish should be fast, not letting her go into the depths.