you need
  • - bamboo, junipers or vinyl liner;
  • - plastic, foam or wood;
  • - hair or Zhilkova fishing line;
  • - Georgia;
  • - hook.
Once the main thing: forget the long rod, it should be an average of 30-40 cm, as is intended only to hook in the fish.Therefore loom following characteristics expected of rods: flexibility, lightness and strength that are achieved Thu selecting the right material for the whip.It is very desirable in this regard look bamboo and juniper, as well as vinyl liner.To handle also presented a number of requirements for materials - plastic or foam, cork or wood.
It's time to fishing line.For winter fishing using fishing line
or Zhilkova hair.This choice is not accidental, since the fishing line should at least help, and not to withdraw from the fisherman himself, and loss of elasticity of freezing ice.Footage of fishing line should be 12 to 15 meters.Deviations up or down unreasonable.The thickness of your fishing line can be from 0.1 to 0.2 mm and fixed it on the tip of the loop whip.
float rod for your needs as a typical winter, and in other words, your choice will be in favor of the streamlined cylinder or cone.Of course it should be easy.That again will approach tube, light plastic or tree bark.Cover your bobber bright paint on the entire length of the ring.Do not forget that it may freeze to the ice which is formed by keeping it on the surface.Your goal is to sink it.To help take the sinkers.
weight of the load should be chosen to float submerged 2-3 cm. Be so kind and find a balance, because at the same time immersing float fishing line should not be drawn into a string.
And finally, you get to the hook.It should be sharp and very elastic to avoid scrapping.So wait a little longer next to a showcase of hooks in the store, touch them to bend.Bent it should, and the break - no.Depending on the nozzle you choose and the size of the hook: for one moth for another crumb, and fry for a third.In any case it is necessary to think.
hand made float rod - is, of course, pleasure and self-fulfillment.This, however you know that is not easy to pull the fish out of the pond.And without a good fishing rod becomes tedious occupation.