How to choose paint for painting on dry plaster?

Popularity mural in a residential area is increasing every year.There are two basic methods of drawing on the surface - painting on dry and wet plaster.The second method is much more complicated.Therefore, in practice usually applied to dry the plaster pattern.

Usually these art works are used oil, lime paint and wax, having a base of wax.Dyes are considered more modern materials created on the basis of casein-oil emulsion.And you can choose a matte, glossy or acrylic paints.They quickly dry out and then form heavy-duty layer.This protective coating is moisture resistant and neutralizes the effect of ultraviolet radiation.There are even special compounds that mimic cracking or glow in the dark.

technique of painting on dry plaster

Before direct printing on drywall need to create a sketch.To create decide the composition of the scale, draw it on paper and break into squares.This is necessary to facilitate the transfer pattern on the wall.Then, the maximum level the surface of the wall.To do this, you must remove the traces of whitewash and wipe all the irregularities.

Always perform priming using lime putty and casein glue.The composition of the primer depends on the variety chosen paint.Incidentally primed surface must be in three stages.Do not forget to dry it after each step.

After this break, "canvas" on squares.The layout can be drawn with charcoal or stick masking tape on the special label.Move the starting point of the wall, when the figure a lot of large items.It will need a great lineup.Now carefully draw a outline of the composition sepia or freehand charcoal.

Perhaps in the process image have repeatedly corrected, that it has turned a harmonious and proportionate.Upon completion of this step, you can continue to work with color.Try first to use dark colors and light to move closer to the completion of the work.Drawing is better to start from the periphery and gradually move towards the center of the composition.The final step should be to cover the resulting picture varnish.