sleeping Move to another location carefully take it and reload in another room or on another bed.The most convenient way to do so, holding the mattress.Transfer carefully so as not to wake up.It will be interesting to watch his reaction after awakening, especially if to tell him that he was on the spot and went to bed.
Tie sleeping in bed.It is best to do this with a toilet paper - cheaper material, which is also easily torn.If you wrap a sleeping friend from head to toe, he will look like a mummy.
old antiquated way - to tie his shoe laces together.Do this carefully.This method is particularly effective in the case where a person sleeps in the shoe.Then he woke up, he is not likely to suspect a trick.
with shoes and carry out other practical jokes.For example, you can change
the shoes sleeping on exactly the same, but a couple of sizes smaller.When he woke up, he would be puzzled put on one's shoes, imagine that during sleep he grew up.Of particular relevance was the joke in Soviet times, when the assortment of shoes is not a great variety.
Another trick with the shoes - put it in anything.For example, eggs or peas.Generally, this joke is not distinguished by its humanity and can lead to damage of the shoe, so it's best not to use it.
Put the sleeping Blindfolds or sunglasses.In this case, waking up, he will at first surprised and a little frightened.
Spread anything sleeper - another version of the classic drawing.Use of, for example, a tooth or tomato paste.Waking up in ketchup, he might think that bleeds.However, remember that prolonged exposure of toothpaste on the skin causes burns.
Turn sleeping in a funny position, put next to something absurd, dress him in unusual clothing and take a picture.Print out a couple of days and give him a photo, preferably in a frame.The draw can be achieved only with a very strong sleeping people.