codes in TS2 entered through the console.To access the console, simultaneously press the Ctrl and Shift and holding them, press the «C».The top display row code, and which will need to enter a code.When you have finished entering the code, press press Enter.To hide the code line, you must press Esc.Action codes typed through the console is reset when you exit the game or (in some cases) when leaving the lot.
entered through the console codes are activated or deactivated corresponding commands: false / true, o
n / off.You can enter them manually or by Copy-Paste.For the latter option, you must minimize the game, while pressing the Alt and Tab, copy the code from the source and returned to the game, insert it into a string of codes (Ctrl + V).
the codes can be entered using the file userStartup.cheat.It is located in the My dokumentyEA GamesThe Sims 2Config and edited with a text editor (Notepad).If the file is not found at the address, you can create your own using the same notebook. codes , entered in the file will operate continuously (every time you start the game to enter codes manually is not required).
in TS2, there are many codes that can be used to solve different problems.For example, arrange the furniture and decorative objects to place on a lot easier and a lot more interesting if activate code moveobjects (on / off), which allows you to place objects in the areas not covered by the game.And with the help of code boolprop snapobjectstogrid (true / false), you can perform otvyazku objects on the game grid, which will place objects anywhere, not just in the heart of the game is strictly cells.
In the game, there are codes for construction and design, to control the actions of a Sim's age, growth, mood.There are codes that help to hide, or create some visual effects, which is convenient when shooting the camera to capture an image or third-party programs.List of all codes can be found on online forums, some codes can be found by typing in the console, the word «Help».